Registered Salers P.B. & Optimizer(%) Cattle

Hi-Altitude, Alfalfa/Hay Finished, Moderate Frame, Docile, Durable Cattle

Star Valley Wyoming

Pasture Bred/Raised, Hormone Free, Limited Vaccinations, Local Barley Finished

Beef - Pork - Lamb - Goat - Chicken - A2/A2 Milk - Eggs

Salers Influenced Beef and Heritage Breed Protein

Welcome to The West Hills Ranch

Operating since 1998

Howdy & Welcome to The West Hills Ranch

Our Livestock

All of our animals are pasture raised, grass/hay fed, and non-gmo barley grain. Raised humanely with no growth hormones and limited use of antibiotic and insect treatments. Born, raised, and butchered in Star Valley Wyoming.

Salers Cattle

Registered Salers P.B. & Optimizer(%) Cattle

Guernsey Milking Cows

Guernsey A2/A2 Dairy Cattle

Royal White Hair Sheep & Butchered Yearlings

Tamworth Pig - West Hills Ranch

Berkshire & Tamworth Swine

Boer Meat Goats/Kids

4H Animals for Sale at West Hills Ranch

4H Animals

Fresh From West Hills Ranch

Protein Products

Butchered Whole Beef

West Hills Ranch Steak

Steak & Roast

85% Lean Ground Beef

West Hills Beer Brats

Pork Brats & Sausage

Butchered Frozen Whole Chicken

Guernsey A2/A2 Raw Milk, Cream & Ranch Eggs

Our Story

Operating since 1998

The West Hills Ranch started in the cattle business spring of 1999 running yearling steers on our 700 acres of high-altitude range. Since our start we have acquired leased pastures and grew to 350 commercial mother cows… allowing us to then transition to a 200 head Salers Seedstock based Program. Read More…