Dear West Hills Ranch friends and customers,

We still have Salers Bulls for sale.

Check out our new “Barley Protein Unit”. The guys at Fodderworks (father & son.Curt/Kyle) were great to work with. They lined us up with a used 220 Unit, that after some alterations is working great.

We are currently feeding the barley fodder to our pigs, sheep, goats, and chickens. Our plan is to use it on our long yearling bulls during the winter feeding cycle and beef, for butchering. Ref: Fodderworks.netExtension.ore

Our first Tamworth Gilt is now in the farrowing hut due any day. Our social friendly cat is keeping her company.

New to our Salers Bull Marketing Program: we are going to try leasing/purchase to own some of our Bulls. Other Bulls are still for sale.

Second Guernsey heifer is due any day. Ready to go into stanchion for milking. Bummer lost her calf 6/8/20 – the calf was breech and a heifer.

We have about 6 – 8 calves still due.

Took a hamburger cow and beef in for processing to S.V. Butcher Block Shop, which will come out Federally inspected. Frank will be able to start delivering raw A2/A2 milk, cream, eggs, hamburger, meat cuts, and salami, on Fridays in about 2 weeks. See attached Protein Products for sale.

We are enjoying 6 out of our 7 grandchildren with us right now. 3 from Hawaii, 2 from Colorado and 1 from Wyoming. The two Hawaiin grandsons are going to build a chicken coop for our broiler roosters so we can move them outside from their brooding area. Butchering in July hopefully.

We have had some really good rain that has done wonders for the range.