Dear West Hills Ranch Friends,

Trust all of you had a safe, relaxing, and festive 4th of July weekend. This week is about getting back to normal and good to see the Stock Market trending positive.

Salers Bulls on 90 Day Lease
We have leased our first Bull and want our Bull customers to know we are there for them when the unexpected happens. Our plan is to be able to offer Reg. Salers Bulls on a lease basis for $1,000.00 for 90 days. This would also give their skeptic neighbors and friends an opportunity to try a Salers Bull. Call us at 307-389-0987 for more information.

Lambs and Kids Available after November 17
Have set up 11/17 with S.V. Butcher Block to slaughter 4 lambs and 4 kids. Haven’t set a market price yet.

Poultry Available after August 17
Will be butchering and freezing our poultry on 8/17/20. We have about 70 and can start taking orders, they are $18.00 each.

Star Valley Hay Prices
Hay going for $130.00/ton loaded in the field, here in Star Valley. Been a great grass year, Have never seen taller or greener grass on the range in 22 years in the summer. We are very lucky and grateful.

Check out our Ranch Website for Protein Products for sale on the Ranch.

Have a safe and healthy July.

Pam and Randy Hruska