Meet our Bunk House Crew

Every fall we have a round-up and invite the “city slickers” from Minnesota and Denver area to come and help us gather, trail, sort, preg check, vaccinate, and finally evaluate on which calves make the first cut of our Registered Seedstock Program.

As on all ranches there is always fencing and fall projects that need to get done before the winter snows.

Jerry Borino is from Diamondville and his lady friend Linda is from LaBarge.

Keith and Ann Mutz are from Colorado, and the rest of the crew including Pam and Randy all graduated from the same small town high school in New Prague, MN.

Jerry, Linda and Frank are the true Wyoming Cowboys, and the rest of us are learning try-to-be’s. We have a lot of fun, through sing-a-longs, fishing time, card playing, and a lot of reminiscing.

We are all tired and retired but still enjoy the fresh air, the fall colors and the companionship of each other during our fall round-ups. It is hard to put a price tag on fun and work like this.

We couldn’t be in the ranching business without the help of such friends. Hope you enjoy the pictures of our real friends and real ranch workers.