Dear Commercial WHR Cattle Customers,

We are excited, empowered, and experiencing a new scientific multi breed comparison tool. Now, Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) can be compared unbiased and scientifically, 17 breeds with a database of almost 20 million animals. This information was gathered and processed by International Genetic Solutions (IGS).

The Salers breed as expected, compared very well.

EPDs for Calving Ease Direct (CED) went from 0.3 as an average A.S.A. in 2019 to 12.2 in the 2020 IGS EPDs. The same is true for Calving Ease Maternal (CEM) from 0.3 to 6.2 and Birth Weight (BW) from 1.6 to 0.2.

Most of the other EPDs changed slightly, Weaning Weight (WW) from 42.7 to 53, Yearling Weight (YW) from 80 to 75, Maternal Milk (Milk) from 20.0 to 16.

Carcass Weight (CW) had the biggest negative change from 23 to -3.6, however the rest of the carcass EPDs were positive. Ribeye Area (RE) from .08 to .61, Marbling (Marb) from -.4 to 0, and Back Fat (BF) from -.07 to -.14.

Tough to have calving ease, live births and carcass weight in the same package. Docility EPD’s from 9.8 – to 8 and Stayability from 23.9 to 15, both in my opinion subjective EPDs that are hard to measure scientifically.

West Hills Ranch (Pam & Randy Hruska) want to thank the A.S.A., the A.S.A. Board of Directors, and Sherry Doubet/Staff, for their perseverance, insight, and cooperation with other breeds in this project which started in 2015. No project of this scope was without difficulties, delays, frustration, and complaints.

No one program, issue, government action, a pandemic, or economic crisis will change the beef cattle industry of and by itself, negatively or positively.

We as an industry, culture, family, business, and almost a religion can grow, prosper, and enjoy life. The choice is ours to embrace change, technology, hard work, and what our associations and university studies are doing for us.

In good health, safety, serenity, green grass, and moisture,

Pam & Randy Hruska

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What do EPD’s really mean?