Dear Friends,


For those of you who haven’t ice fished in Minnesota. I have a pictorial for you.


Start in a reclining rocker, notice – T.V. Remote – for Football games, Hogan’s Heroes, John Wayne Movies, etc. Coffee Cup – Laptop for playing A&A war games – and conducting Ranch Business.


Little hand held remote – green light blinks and a siren like sound goes off when the cork goes down. Perfect for taking a nap or going to bed.


Then when the alarm goes off – like a Fireman it’s time get ready, Muck shoes with ice cleats, Jacket, Gloves, Bucket with minnows, plier, fish mouth spreader, extra line, and a lantern if it is dark. The blue pad on top of the bucket is to kneel on for old farts – and keeps your pants/knees from getting cold or wet.


Then off the deck – and head to the box, see the two boxes in the distance, then closer, and flip the top.


See  line going down and to the right. Pull up the slack and now the real fun starts – fishing in about 16′ of water. The walleye makes several runs up and down, sideways, always maintaining tension but not too tight, the leader is only 10 lb. mono.


This trip out caught a 27″, beautiful walleye female – about 7 1/2 lbs. Carefully unhook and back into Upper Gull she goes – to live and spawn this Spring.


Hope you enjoyed the pictures and commentary – it’s a hard ,cold, cruel world up here on the frozen waters of Central Minnesota. But somebody has to do it and might as well be me.


You are what you give, not what you have!
Sincerely in grace and serenity,
Pam & Randy Hruska