RESERVE – Whole, Half & Quarter Salers Beef


Reserve with non-refundable deposit – $250/Whole, $200/Half, $175/Quarter. Final price determined upon delivery.

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Pasture raised, grass/hay fed, non-gmo barley grain, limited antibiotic and insect treatments, no growth hormones, raised humanely and locally, and butchered in Star Valley Wyoming.

Reserve now for next butcher date. 

  • Whole – $4.00 per lb.
  • Half – $4.25 per lb.
  • Quarter – $4.50 per lb.
  • Prices are per lb. of hanging wt.
  • Buyer pays additional processing fee of approx. $1.45 per lb.
  • Average Hanging Weight Whole Beef (approx. 450-500+ lbs.)
  • 10-14 days Hanging/Aging
  • Deposit Required – $250/Whole, $200/Half, $175/Quarter

Beef Breakdown

  • 50% Hamburger
  • 20% Steaks
  • 20% Roasts
  • 10% Other Cuts or Hamburger


Additional information

Butchered Beef Sides

Half Beef, Quarter Beef, Whole Beef


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