Boer Goats are polyestrous (can breed throughout the year). They reach maturity at five months and can have three different kid births in two years. Gestation is 150 days, they nurse for three months and then are rebred.

Breeding Quality, Registered

  • $350 Yearling Bucks  – $250 Yearling Does
  • Warm weather pickup (after weaning) 
  • 10% discount for three or more goats
  • $100 deposit required
  • Reserve 


4-H Boer Goats

  • $200 Wether or Doe
  • Available in March
  • $50 deposit required
  • Reserve

Butchered Yearling Kids

  • Kid Chops – $10.95 per lb.
  • Kid Roasts – $8.95 per lb.
  • Ground Kid – $6.95 per lb.
  • Order Now

Butchered Whole Yearling Kids

  • Wether or Doe
  • $6.50 per lb.
  • Approximate hanging weight after butchering is 45 lbs.
  • Price is per lb. of hanging weight after butchering
  • $75 deposit required
  • Reserve Now for Fall 2021 Butchering

All prices and availability dates subject to change at WHR’s discretion.

Order or make deposit online and contact Randy Hruska at 307-389-0987 (call/text) or email

All of our animals are pasture raised, grass/hay fed, non-gmo barley grain, limited antibiotic and insect treatments, no growth hormones, raised humanely and locally, and butchered in Star Valley Wyoming.