Guernsey A2/A2 Dairy Cattle For Sale


Registered Tested A2/A2 Guernsey Open Heifers 

  • 6-8 months old (recommended breeding age is 18 months)
  • $1,500
  • $200 deposit required


Bred Heifers

  • 100 days pregnant
  • $3,000
  • $200 deposit required


Yearling Bulls

  • $1,250
  • $200 deposit required


All prices and availability dates subject to change at WHR’s discretion.

Call/text 307-389-0987 or email for additional information

All of our animals are pasture raised, grass/hay fed, non-gmo barley grain, limited antibiotic and insect treatments, no growth hormones, raised humanely and locally, and butchered in Star Valley Wyoming.